Tuesday, June 7, 2016

A Confession of a Pinkaholic

Every girl's confidante is anything pink. It's like a girl's bestfriend. You think everything goes out well when you pull off any shades of pink. Well I guess for most. And you must be right because I, myself must be one of those.
It was just a ordinary day when I realized I was a Pinkaholic! One day, I browsed through my beloveds in the closet to check what to wear on a typical day-out-with-friends only to find massive shades of  pink were mostly hanging from the hangers. At first I stared blankly at the closet wondering how did so much pink stuff got there in the first place. Then I smiled to myself. I thought - "Ok that's it! I'm a certified Pinkaholic!", giggling a little bit.You know the feeling when you had so much of something for so long then you just realized you had so much of it just right about that moment? Come on, girls will be girls! When you go malling with friends, first that catches a girl's heart is something pink.
Well for me, I am still in the state where in I feed my addiction and unstoppable.

What's your addiction? I would really appreciate if you could share your thoughts in the comment box below.


                                                                       Yours Truly,

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