Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Mixing n' Matching

For almost a decade now, I have been following a few of my favorite fashion bloggers. I have a long list of them but to whom I mostly follow, let me mention a few of them like Mayo Wo of Hong Kong, Andy Torres of Amsterdam, Chloe Ting of Sydney and our very own local bloggers Camille Co, Kryz Uy and Tricia Gosingtian. Everytime I browse over their blogs, as helpless as I can be, there's nothing more I can do but envy them to the highest level (teary eyes). At their very young age, they have already made so much success and accomplishments.
Well, for me,  I have always been a fascinated with fashion. I admit, I am a self-confessed fashion enthusiast in my own little world (starry eyes *_*). But thankful as I am now to the world of technology, being able to follow these fashion-minded people fuels my desire to the fashion world and urges me more to push through my dreams. Who knows, one day I will make a successful designer and I might be the one designing your wedding dress (looking afar up to the stars)!

I could still remember when I was younger, my mamma always dresses me up like a doll. She mostly puts on me colorful balloony skirts and mix-n-match 'em with printed blouses (as far as i can remember). Thanks to Ma coz to that, it simply shaped and broadened my fashion mentality to a totally different dimension of the modern fashion world.

As posted above, I love mixing n' matching old garments too. This outfit I pulled off from my ancient closet have been hiding in for quite a while already. Im totally good in taking care of things.
Just about these past few days, I have been so inlove with laces and crochets, but I haven't find the time really nowadays to work on this blog again because of a night job that really kept me so contained.

Excuse me for my fat@**, I have recently gained so much weight these past months. I am the type of person that balloons right away when things get out of hand and I have too much to eat (i might want to talk about my diet one of these days but that's not something I am in the mood to talk about just yet). And nevertheless, please excuse me for some totally disgrunted photos. I am using my fone to take these pictures and my room doesn't have the best lighting. Hmmh, why am I even expaining?

Yours truly..

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