Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Constant Change

For this past week, i have been so excessively obbessed (literally rendundated) like going all-crazy for lace, knits, canvas and pearls. i cant get myself to sleep at nights (and in rare times when i could get so exhausted, id fall asleep and dream about these things). I had hardly waited for the week to end (even if it was just a tuesday when this whole obbssession thing begun) to hunt down to feed my new obbsession. last week and for so long ago i remember, i was getting out of interest dressing myself up just because (when i say "just because" i mean for 1 reason only) my body is inflating day by day that my favorite clothes (sigh) couldnt fit on me. So for quite some time now, i settle pulling off into slouchy clothes like oversized tees, baggy dresses and almost-everything-black so to disguise my inflating body. but you see, the only constant thing in this world is " change ". 

finally, the weekend has come and i can conquer the world!
i just got from my fave thrift shop downtown and i can barely wait to show you a preview of my new finds. dont be surprised, most of them are so classic and old-fashioned. thats actually a literal definition of me. Just like i have always said, i am a vintage-kind of person. however, as modern world we live in, we must blend in but not too hard though you might just camouflage with the others.
be different, coz to what i always believe in, normal is boring.
so i opt mixing vintage with modern fashion (thats just a teaser :-P)..i cant wait to be posting outfit ideas of these new ones i got. check out the preview below...heee yaaa!!

Yours truly...

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