Tuesday, January 5, 2016


I'm no coast guard.

I love going to the beach, I love the feeling the soft sand on my feet, drowning in the cool waters and the taste and smell of the salty breeze. I am also fond collecting shells and coral stones. Well I just had a nice love affair with the beach somehow but below is a different story.
I decided I'd pull off a nautical inspired look.
What makes this shirt so unique is the perforated design all over it. I have never seen anything like it before. I love how the holes are just the right distance from each other making it look like a lace from afar. And that fading carbon drawing of the anchor, it makes it look vintage adding more sophistication to the look. Those sky-blue stripes in the background that are just the right shade to complement the dark print and those little copper stars below the shoulders perfectly matching with the rustic anchor on my black pearl bracelet. To finish up the look and to add a little bit playfulness to this Seawoman look, a royal blue studded sling bag and a pair of tri-colored flats will do. Ay, ay Captain!

Yours truly...

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