Tuesday, January 26, 2016

I'm an addict

Ribbons and Lace, Knits and Crochets, Pearls and Studs, Sheer and Canvas, Pastel and color blocking. These things are few of my love affair. Vintage yet modern.
Things with feminine touches are so alluring and just too hard to resist.
I have always wanted to relive the Fashion world in the 50s and 60s.
Simple and modest. Conservative yet playful.
Because modern is the definition of the world today, we hardly find vintage fashion line elsewhere.
But as the saying goes "find and you shall seek", it takes a lot of patience to finally find what you really are looking for. But for me, it didn't take me long to finally capture my fashion haven where vintage fashion has never run out of style. If you're thinking of an expensive designer clothing or high-end botiques, I must stop you right there. Hey, a mom like me can't afford those designer labels, these are just  way beyond my reach.
It's just a Thrift Shop I am talking about. I never realized then how much investment you find in thrift shops. In this such little town, no way you can't find a thrift shop in every corner.
Everything is so affordable yet not compromising the quality. And what's even better when you buy your clothes from Thrift shops is that you won't have anything alike (clap! clap! clap!). You know that feeling when somebody is wearing exactly the same dress you wear at a diner? That's my phobia!

From how I look at this, this looks like a blouse to me. But because I might not have the model-material height (blame it to the ancestors), this could already be a dress to me. Although it might not be too appropriate to wear it as a dress because of the guipure in the lower frontal, it would probably show off your red polka dot bikini (Kidding!!), I decided to wear a chiffon skirt underneath so it will look like a dress with a chiffon hem. I love the entirety of this look how it showcases everything on one piece (pearls, studs, a touch of sheer and a little of guipure on light colored canvas linen). And to finish up the look, a pair of silver low-heeled sandals definitely nailed it!

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