Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The work of my hands

I have quite a wierd yet impressively unique taste when it comes to fashion.
I browse on blogs from around the world to gather more fashion discoveries that just saturate my obssession. I found this odd and unseemingly accessory, yet smart and attractive. A flowerpot bag? (No kidding?!!!) That's something very out of the ordinary!
Since then, I have been dying to own one the first time I laid eyes on it. I can't seem to find one in my area and online shops do not include shipping in this location. Too bad for me. Instead of exhausting myself looking everywhere only to own this extravaganza (and just a little favor for myself just to help me get thru the sleepless nights), a little art-attack will do. I never thought resourcefulness taught in junior scout would play a great part. The bag was an ice cream plastic container. I know that white carnation doesn't complement much of the neutral color to the bag's skin but that was the only flower available in the living room (shhhhh, mother wont notice). I would still opt for a pink flower when i get the chance to go to the mall.

Not exactly the same to the original but the idea is there. I opted for a smaller one to avoid bulk during commutes. But just look at that, just the right size to fit my to-go things in.
And not to mention, I spent so little on this project.
Check out below the original masterpiece.

Yours truly....

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